Kissliss Electric Shaver: The Fresh Shave -The Dull Shave

I usually shave once every three days, my method does not like shorter hairs too much, but with the Kissliss Electric I went with a once per week deal. I wanted to see how the head held up to long term use, so to simulate an older head I left the cap off and did not clean it properly until I was to use it again. Bit of a mistake on my part.

Before we get to the main event I think we need to take a look at the build itself. Product quality was a concern of mine when this one came down the line to me, but I am happy to say that it seems great. The packaging is nice, minimalist egg shell and red box. On the inside we have the razor itself, a charger cable and the manual, which comes in so many languages. The build is charged via USB, which is wonderful.

The interesting thing here is the fact that the Kissliss electric razor has been IP rated. I did a whole series on LED light bars for vehicles a while back, and I did a fair amount of research for Ingress Protection ratings. Here we have an IPX7 rating. Now, That “X” there is where the particle protection should be and while I guess it’s okay to leave that out, you are unlikely to be kicking up dust and mud at this razor, I still feel like particles are going to get into it, I mean, shaving creates lots of tiny hairs after all.

Now to the shave proper. I performed my ablutions and got stuck in. The first pass was a little tricky for me. This thing shaves in multiple directions at once, and my technique is for manual razors, so my first stroke had a fair amount of pull in it. I found that if I moved the razor to an area without hair before pulling it off my face then I didn’t have that issue. The method I described in the above paragraph did not stand me in good stead for this product. A learning curve was present. I continued regardless. By the time the first pass was done my face was pretty smooth, but not up to my standard. The further passes did little to alleviate this.

And the price. When it comes to affordability these China based storefronts know where it is at. The base price of the Kissliss Electric Shaver is $70, but I have never seen it sold for that price. That said you should click here to see any current deals, coupons, or discounts available. There are a few shavers in this price range, but I have not tested those. I know what the quality of this one is like, and the price is in impulse territory too. Excellent value over all.

The warranty is far from perfect, but it at least lasts a long time. We have a 15 month limited warranty as standard with the Kissliss Electric. It covers factory faults, but I would argue that if you sue it for its intended purpose and it breaks within 15 months then that is a factory fault. I have had to press that issue in the past, so be sure ot dig your heels in should you need to. One thing to remember is that as an Amazon FBA you gain access to Amazon’s excellent consumer protection policies. It means that if something goes wrong in transit, or with your refund, you can appeal to them. I have had to do that in the past as well, and my experience with Amazon, and the retailers after Amazon has shouted at them, has been wonderful. I do no expect you to have issues with Kissliss, but it is still nice to have that safety net.

I have made it clear in this best electric shaver review that when it comes to shaving I prefer a manual razor. I like the closeness, and I like th pageantry involved in shaving with one. The electric removes some of those things, but the benefits might out weigh the issues for most people. What we have here is a shaver that will do the job quickly and painless at a rarely seen low price. The after sale support from both Kissliss and Amazon are well worth the price too.

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